Craig & Mark Holden


April 27  Mark's 60th birthday

May 8  First public performance of a song from the HBTC project - Kill Party on Marngrook Footy Show on NITV. Performed with Mick Ryan with whom Mark wrote the song and recorded it for the HBTC project.

May 10  First meeting of Blue September volunteers for 2014 at a coffee shop in Prahran.

May 17  First performance of Banjo Paterson’s The Hypnotist at Law Week in the County Court with members of the Victorian Bar Community Choir.

May 17  Second performance of the HBTC Band at Yea’s Caledonian Hotel with guests Rob Draper, Visnja and Mick Ryan.

May 30  Victorian Bar Dinner - the Choir to sing The Hypnotist at the dinner in Mural Hall.

June 12  Judging the Golden Gavel Awards. A debating competition for lawyers nationally.

June 20  Judging the Battle of the Bands - legal firms’ band competition.

July 6  Reconciliation Week. Performing Kill Party with Mick Ryan at the Geelong V Bulldogs game - Geelong's Close the Gap round.


Mark & his Mum
Mark's 60th with his Mum

Victorian Bar Community Choir

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